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Introduction: P. J. Churchill (I also write books under the name of Peter Churchill that also features on this website.)

I am an author that enjoys writing books including fiction and also poetry along with a non-fiction book about my life with epilepsy.

My passion for writing started at school when I was a member of the soccer team and would write a report on the games that I played. Years later I started writing poetry on many different subjects of life adventures and having a good imagination helps too.

One of the goals that I like to achieve when I write my books is the hope that they will help that person who reads my books in any shape or form. Whether it's inspiring them to achieve things, motivation to move forward in life or relaxing and enjoying what they are reading. There is always a purpose for someone who writes books.

What a journey it has been. Having my first interview as an author in November 2016 with a local newspaper in Nova Scotia led to lots of bookselling.

As time went by, my talent grew to include fictional storybooks of a love & betrayal novel titled 'Why' that was released on the 19th of November 2016 I wrote with my wife Telsie Boese.

In October 2021, I wrote the second edition of 'Broadening my Horizons - Living with Epilepsy'. My life growing up from a child to an adult with epilepsy has the obstacles I have had to face while growing up.

In my recent past, I was a member of a Spiritual Church in Hertfordshire, UK being a chairperson while still living in the UK led to my writing 'Spiritual Guiding From Those Above Us'. This book has been very popular.
Hobbies include soccer, amongst other sports, music from the seventies and eighties, country music and also enjoy singing at music jam sessions. 
More books are being written as you read this, including low content books such as planners/diaries, logbooks, colouring books, scrapbooks, journals, bucket list books and notebooks/schoolbooks. So, I am being kept busy. and can also be found on my author page on Amazon.
So enjoy reading or using the many books that I have written myself.  

Regards P. J. Churchill



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