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Website Aug. 12, 2021

Peter Donald

Hello from and "Low Expectations", due 2022. Keep up the great work! http://theword.car.blog/

Facebook page Low Expectations @eyeofadog

Jul. 11, 2018

P. J. Churchill

Message to Sharon who asked if my book is available in the UK. The answer is yes as you can order it on Amazon.co.uk.

Jul. 11, 2018


Is this available in the U.K.

Website Nov. 7, 2017


Hello, Mr. Churchill. Saskatchewan Epilepsy inc. received the message that was sent to us today and it immediately grabbed our attention! The bit about the book immediately grabbed my attention, as it hit so close to home. I became a member of this group
when I was told that I needed surgery and they made me realize that i was not alone. From what i have read I think that your book must do much the same

We will be taking a closer look at yor book, and I hope that you won't mind us posting your message on our site.

Thanks again for letting us know about your book!

Website Jan. 31, 2017


Hi Peter,

What a great find to add a 'Guest' message page. Always a pleasure to create a sharing place.

Looking forward to see your new book 'The Unexpected' due out in February 2017.

Good luck.

Jan. 31, 2017


Hi guest.

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