Quotation Books

Books that have quotes in them are great to read.

I have published two books of quotes that are for inspiration and motivation to others.

One that is for those with mental health and we all know how bad it can be, hopefully, this book will help those move on in life or take in those sayings and feel better for themselves as they read them.

Life has its ups and downs and sometimes reading such quotes that feature in these two books hopefully will help others.

Whichever book that you order, you get out of it as much as I got writing it.

The Inspirational & Motivational Quotes Book -

ISBN 9798497471786

A great gift for someone.
A book that is full of quotes, that is both inspirational plus motivational for people. Things to help you move on or decide, keeping your chin up, keeping going and many other situations a person may be in.
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Inspirational & Motivational Quotes For Those With Mental Health
ISBN 9798409402556.
It is never great when people suffer from mental health. Whether it is caused by losing a job or a family member, a pandemic or losing your home. This book is full of inspirational & motivational quotations to read and hopefully get someone back on their feet.
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