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Suffering from illnesses can sometimes be a burden on you. Especially when having to take medications or inhalers that you have to do on a daily basis or even when your illness causes depression 

Asthma, Bipolar & Epilepsy are three of those illnesses that unfortunately mostly require meds to be taken.

Now available are medical planners for people who have these who can use these to mark off that they have taken their meds/inhalers, and also write down how many seizures or attacks they have had.

Also, in these 12-month planners/diaries, you can start using it from the week that you receive it and still use it for a full year.

What are the Benefits of having a medical planner like this?

*Well, whatever illness you have, you can make notes on how you feel each day or week and that information is there for you to tell your doctor at an appointment that is weeks or months later.

*If you have epilepsy, not only can you write how you feel, but also keep the information of exactly how many seizures you have and be reminded if you need to order any more medications.

*If you suffer from Bipolar, you can not only write down how you feel each day or month but also note down how many anxiety attacks you have and also how many times you get depressed and be reminded if you need to get any more meds if running low on them.

*Being an asthmatic, you can write down how you feel and each week in the planner asked if you require to order more inhalers or medications that you may be taking.

So with all three illnesses, there are benefits for all sufferers.


An Epileptic Person's Medical Planner

ISBN - 9798443087665

A twelve-month planner/diary for those who have epilepsy. There features a Monday to Sunday for you to mark down for you taking your meds or accidentally missing them. Also, a Monday to Sunday section for putting how many seizures you might have unfortunately had. And for every week you can note down what kind of week you have had. Certainly, a planner/diary would be beneficial for someone with epilepsy. 





An Asthmatic Persons Medical Planner (ISBN 9798805089801)

Being an Asthmatic person is never nice. Having to use an inhaler and have asthma attacks is not fun.

Here is a planner for all asthma sufferers that features a Monday to Sunday section for when you use your haler plus a Monday to Sunday section for when having asthma attacks. Also each week of this twelve-month planner you are asked if you need to order any more inhalers.
Just the thing for an asthma sufferer.

A Bipolar Person's Medical Planner (ISBN 9798807586513)

Having Bipolar is never nice to have. Especially when brings on panic attacks or depression for you.
This medical planner could be just the thing for you. As this 12 month's planner is a weekly planner that each week has a Mon to Sun section for taking your meds, another 7-day section for you to write down how many panic attacks or depression days you have and also the question on each week is do I need to get more meds?