My Poetry Books That Are Available To Order.

Poetry Books

Poetry books are great to read for some poetry readers.

I got into writing poems a few years ago and published some books with poems.

One I wrote jointly with Telsie Boese is titled 'Always by Your Side'.

The books that I wrote all have different subjects inside them.

A mixture of love, romance, friendships, spirituality, and funny ones too.

All the books I'm sure would make a reader smile, laugh, remember things in their own lives, and tears of joy and sadness. 

I hope that whichever one a poetry reader orders will enjoy what they read.

Inspirational Poems For The Soul 

ISBN 9781547127405

A book of enjoyable poems for the reader to enjoy. It could make you laugh/giggle or bring back memories.

Inspirational thoughts enter when least expected and a new door or pathway is opened up to follow until the next shift occurs. 

Subjects of the poems included in this book are Friendships, Love, Spirituality and many others.

This is only available in paperback.

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Always by Your Side

Always by Your Side

This book was written by two spiritual people, of short stories and poetry from real-life events that changed their lives. Making a difference in their beliefs and having dreams come true. That no matter the distance, be it a different country between you and a family member, friend or partner or those now in spirit. We have the ability to stay connected. This book may give the reader thoughts of remembering events in their lives to trigger change or build a new belief in them.

It would be more suitable for a book section of a spiritual church than just a book shop.

Official ISBN 978 1530754281

Book Reviews for the book

Sy Criswell

P. J. I am so pleased to find your beautiful work published. The book cover tells the story of your love and the way you express it. We all love, but you express it and leave no doubt.


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My 3 in 1 Poetry Books ISBN - 9781792687709


Three books in one for a very good price

Poetry In Motion, Garden of Life and Family Friends & Lovers is all in one book so three for the price of one.

Three great books of poems that all have a mixture of different subjects featured including ones that would take you back in mind to your own past and also poems that will make you laugh or cry or bring back memories to the one reading them.

Some of the poems are things that had happened through the author's life themselves or maybe even the reader's life too, so enjoy the books that are included in 'My 3 in 1 Poetry books.


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