Journal books for sale

Journals are a great thing to have for many reasons nowadays.

Whether it is for a cleaning project like for cleaning companies or families that have teenagers that struggle to keep their room or places tidy.

Other projects could include - a sportsman or sportswoman doing training sessions in their sports such as football or soccer.

An ordinary person who enjoys a round of golf and keeping their rounds of golf scores in just one place.

Here is a list of journals that are available that may interest you.

My Cycling Journeys
Who enjoys going out for bike rides on their bikes?
It is one of the enjoyable things that people can do nowadays outside of going from one place to another just pedalling along.
It is also great to remember those cycling journeys also.
So now available is a new book titled 'My Cycling Journeys'. Asin B0B2HQ3SB6.
You can write down all those bike journeys that you take alone or with others.

A Soccer Player's Training Journal
ISBN - 9798462937637
A great soccer training journal for all those players that want to get somewhere of a career as a player. Whether you want to be a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder or attacker. This sporting training journal has you covered. Noting down your daily schedule and taking notes down also of anything that needs to be improved in your game or not. This is just the one for you.


A Golfers Personalized Golf Journal
ISBN - 9798749966220
A book/journal for all golfers of all ages. This is just the book for you. After doing your round of golf using a scorecard, then write your score in this journal. Instead of placing your scorecard somewhere in your home and losing it. Especially when you score a rare hole in one during a round. Keep all your golf rounds scores in this journal. Has up to two rounds of golf for you to write your scores in on each page. Along with other info on the date, and where you played too.

My Home Cleaning Journal (ISBN 9798401669636)

Whether you live on a large property, you lose track of places that have been cleaned or want to keep tabs on when your kids do their housework, this is just the thing for you. You can keep track by using this journal/diary as it is also a 12-month diary that would start from the week that you get it as you would place the dates inside.

Also, a great tool for all cleaning companies to use. For their employees to have with them.

Available to order at all amazon outlets.






A Horse Racing Syndicates Journal

ISBN - 9798748629157
This is for syndicate groups who own or have shares on horses in the sport of kings. This has pages ready for you to write down in your own words the info of horses that run and how good they ran on the day. Also being able to write down your horses to follow, date, meeting, race the horse is in, horses name, what its price was when passing the finishing line, winnings for the syndicate and what the profit -/+ margins are after each race a horse in the syndicate runs. A great book for a horse racing syndicate to have.

A Cat Owner's Journal (ISBN - 9798474540474)
This one would especially help new and young owners and also those that might have memory lapses.
A cat owner's Journal is a little like a diary with Week Commencing from when this book is brought from.
Other things include Mon to Sun am/pm for feeding and playing time so that you can tick off when you have done that. Along with any vet or grooming appointments as well.
This journal covers twelve months and will be very handy for some or all cat owners.